[Forsale] Grundig YB 400 PE yacht boy shortwave portable radio

James Riedel riedel.james at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 19:13:46 PST 2020

I have for sale a Grundig yacht boy 400 PE that was purchased in the late
90s and still is in the original box with all of the original items that
came with it which include dipole antenna, AC power connector, leatherette
case.  It has been out of the box probably three times so it's an excellent
condition and basically unused..  Last night I through some batteries in
and it seemed to work fine. The only trouble with this particular radio as
with all of these radios is the night light is not very bright. Before I
put it on eBay I thought I'd offer it to the club. Price is $90 and if
you'd like I'll be happy to send pictures. You can respond to my email
k6eee at soara.org........Jim
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