[Forsale] FT-991 (not the "A" model) for sale $835

Bruce Bonbright bonbrightbd at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 13:00:44 PDT 2021

FT-991 (not the "A" model) for sale   $835

This is a well maintained multimode, all-band (HF/VHF/UHF) radio that I purchased six years ago from HRO (August 2016).  The radio comes with the supplied DC Power Cord (with Powerpole connectors on the end), MH-31 Hand Microphone, spare 25A fuse (original fuses still in the DC power cord), Operating Manual, World Map and Yaesu Stickers.  In addition, I am including the adapter cable to connect a LDG Pro100 or 200 tuner to the radio (but NOT the tuner itself) as well as a USB cable to connect the radio to your computer.
I use this radio each morning to check into the Gordo 40-meter net on 7.250 MHz, the OCRACES 60-meter net each Saturday morning (channel 4) and occasionally the SOARA Sunday morning 40-meter net.  I almost always get 5-9+ signal reports and compliments on the audio quality.

I have also used this radio for FT8 and JS8Call as well as PSK-31 using the USB cable from the radio to my laptop, and it works very well on digital modes.  I also use it for weekly VHF/UHF nets.  It really is a complete “station in a box”.  Having multimode capability on VHF/UHF means you can do SSB and digital on these frequencies in addition to the normal HF bands.  The manual is well organized, and the radio is a joy to use.

Send me an email if you would like a photo if interested.    Please call if you have any questions.    No returns

Bruce, NH7WG
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