[Forsale] For Sale

Steve k0xp at k0xp.com
Mon Aug 16 14:47:17 PDT 2021

As described below, cash and carry, local pickup Mission Viejo, CA 
ONLY. I have to move so all this must go, somehow. I also hope to be 
at the SCARS swap meet at the Huntington Beach airport next weekend, 
21 July, and at the first W6TRW swap meet on 28 July, since the 
pandemic began. As-is, no returns, no refunds. Photos available. 
E-mail only, no phone (I cannot hear on phones). TNX, SteveH K0XP
-Halli. S-38 recapped but not fired up
-Halli. S-95 Civic Patrol (FM receiver) "
-Halli. S-120 "
-Jackson 106 RF Sig Gen recapped, works well
-Jackson 109 Electronic Volt-Ohm Meter, not restored
-RCA WV-97A VTVM w/WG-318 probe,  not restored
-Heath GR-78 Solid-state receiver, aligned, works, internal 120VAC power supply
-Kantronix KPC-3+ w/cables (one for KW TM-V71A), power cord, adapters, like new
-2 Icom IC-R10 Wideband handheld receivers, SSB/CW, one in original 
box, work well, both with AC adapter but no batteries (4-AA cells needed)
-Halli. HQ-100, needs clock, unknown whether restored, not fired up
-2 Heath HO-10s, recapped, work well
-2 Heath HO-13s, recapped, work well
-Johnson VF-1 VFO, not restored
-National NC-98, recapped, aligned, works well
-Halli. R-46B speaker, cleaned up, works well
-Halli. SX-99 receiver, recapped, aligned, works well
-Halli. SX-110 receiver, recapped, aligned, works well
-2 Hamm. HQ-129X receivers, recapped, aligned, work well
-Johnson Adventurer Ttansmitter, recapped, step-start added, works 
well, 25-30 watts output
-Heath DX-100, recapped, tested on CW only, 150 watts on 160, 80 and 
40, 140W on 20, 150W on 15, and 120W on 10 meters.
-Halli. SX-100 receiver, recapped, aligned, works well
-MFJ-259B Antenna Analyzer, works fine, including case and batteries
-Ameritron QSK-5 automatic T/R switch, bought it new about 2 years 
ago and never used. Brand-spanking new, in the original box with 
original packaging material. Ameritron now demands $469.95 for these 
new, and I waited almost two months for this one from HRO. Contains 
it's own power supply (plugs into 120VAC), no external power source 
required. See MFJ catalog for more specs.
-Johnson Invader 2000 transmitter, spare PL-175A tube, no power 
supply, will need some work before firing up
-Heath SB-230 amp, rebuilt power supply w/step-start, soft-key added, 
DC-grounded grid, 600 - 650 watts output

Again... NO PHONE CALLS, e-mail contact ONLY as I cannot hear on a 
phone (which is also why I never logged into any of the SOARA Zoom 
meetings: I could not understand a word that anybody said).

SteveH K0XP 

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